The Yang Gang

The Yang Gang is a once a month afternoon event for men to connect without any need for the ego to get involved. It is a completely free session where men are able to bring their cares or worries, their questions, answers, pains, sorrows or joys in complete confidentiality without any judgement.


There is no competition, alcohol, drugs or religion allowed, it's just a great opportunity for men to connect on a basic spiritual level to discuss a range of subjects that concern them.

There is no fixed agenda and the topics under discussion range far and wide. Drumming circles have been known to form in some of our group meetings that bring a tribal energy to proceedings.

There is no compulsion on anyone to speak and many men have reported back on the importance and value of the group to their lives.


Refreshments are freely available. Sessions run from 2.00pm each second Sunday in every month.

The Yang Gang

  • Sessions run from 2:00 pm
  • Each second Sunday in every month

No booking necessary or for more information phone or text Lionel on 0044 (0)7850 426 234 or by email to lionel@lionelpalatine.com