There’s No Fool Like A Gullible Old Fool

I can’t believe it’s happened again! Once more I’ve been had over by lying, cheating, thieving, unscrupulous scumbags disguised as genuine, knowledgeable, professionals. Beware my friends, the worlds is full of people on the make. They’ll tell you anything, they have no morals, they want only your money, they have no intention of delivering what they claim and yet they are so convincing. They attack you when you’re most vulnerable and they laugh at you when they have what they want from you. They care nothing of the misery they inflict upon you or the repercussions for you of their actions. I can’t believe I’ve fallen for the same old boiler room scam that I’ve fallen for before and not only that , they came back for more and nearly had me over a second time for three times the amount and we’re not talking chicken feed either. How could I be so stupid? I’m nearly 51. I’m no kid and yet I fall for these things time and again. The greed of people never fails to amaze me. Every single year, over and over again in one way or another somebody rips me off good style and I end up picking up the pieces yet again. Watch out, be wary, check and double check everything. Take no one at face value and believe nothing you hear. Keep a very tight hold of your wealth and pay for nothing without substance. Listen to your doubts and if anything sounds too good, be very, very careful. Never part with money up front.

Good health is worth more than money and I sincerely hope that those who have to lie and cheat and steal at some point get everything they deserve. You can probably tell it’s not been one of my better weeks! We have to take things in our stride and money is literally only money. Apart from being duped, last Friday I was in Court having to defend myself against a debt that someone else has ran up and I’m left responsible for. The case went really well with the claimant’s solicitor looking like a complete chump in front of the Judge.

So often I have seen these things where the highest paid so called professionals give the poorest service – how do they get away with it? The debt is still my liability however and it’s still me that has to fork out for someone else’s wrongdoing. Yet another pitfall of being a landlord.

On the other hand I’ve agreed in principle with a couple of nice lads who like me want to move forward with their property portfolios and so hopefully we will work together to help all of us. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and at the weekend I spent a good half day outside cleaning, tidying and re-potting etc. It was well overdue and it’s now a pleasure to sit here on the terrace and enjoy the fruits of my labour. The World Cup was a complete demoralising disaster so the least said about that the better (my comments are up on and Wimbledon is in full swing so we can see a racket of a different sort. Plenty of people will have paid through the nose for tickets though you can guarantee that. Glastonbury too has enjoyed some fine weather. No wonder all the bands and the audience are aging, young people couldn’t afford the entry prices. When I was a lad all the festivals were free, now like everything else they’re a great big money making machine for someone – maybe I need to buy a field! Am I getting cynical? Life can do that to you along with many other things so I should value what I have!

I fell out with my son this week for the first time ever; again that was a matter of trust. I was so sorry afterwards, we soon made up but I like a life of peace and calm and friendly banter. I’m not one for animosity or negativity normally. I’ve been testing some health treatments recently. I met an old friend as I was going into the health food shop. I was so busy talking with her that I was walking out without paying for the goods. The old lady behind the counter was pretty sharp though and caught me before my exit. So I profusely apologized, paid for the products and promptly walked out forgetting all about them and leaving them on the counter! There definitely is no fool like an old fool.

To better times ahead – for those that deserve it…….Lionel – Palatine.

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