There’s Professionals and Professionals

There can be a great big difference between the meaning of the written word and what the reader understands. Talking face to face adds a dimension which gives us the ability within nano- seconds to understand what is being said much better. Writing can often be misconstrued, I suppose that’s why solicitors will always have lots of work but beware trusting the legal beagles too. Several times over the last couple of years I have had occasions to pit my wits against the so called elite of the legal profession – they are certainly paid like professionals-but is that necessarily what you get? My experiences have been to the contrary with the majority coming over as legally knowledgeable at best and complete bungling clowns at worst. The same goes for anyone you give responsibility to, simply because they appear to know what they are doing, don’t assume it to be the case. Take advice from people who have used their services before you hand over your hard earned money.

Last weekend I spent a day with one of the best known stock market investors in England. His services have been nothing but professional from the very beginning and even when unforeseen problems occurred they responded well and ensured that I was not out of pocket. That’s what I call professional. It’s not the problems that happened but the way they are handled that makes all the difference. I’ve got an on-going problem with a, so called, management company that is the exact opposite. A simple phone call and some courteous attention would have turned a minor problem into a supportive experience, instead a dogmatic attitude has turned that same minor problem into a major disagreement involving very expensive legal costs, court time which is ultimately tax payers money and general bad feeling all round – not good for anyone.

I’ve just heard on the radio about a new TV programme being screened about the relationship between man and horses. I’ve always found them to be magnificent creatures, even from an early age I can remember being amazed by them, such powerful beasts you certainly wouldn’t win an argument with one, a swipe of their head can send you flying let alone a kick, and yet they can be such harmonious animals you can’t help but love them. Horse riding is an experience that for me really brings me back to nature and I think I’d like to take a week’s ride across some beautiful countryside before I die. I better start making plans and getting in shape, the last time I went out for a trot with a lovely friend of mine I couldn’t walk for a week after it, you’ve got to keep those muscles in training. Last year I helped another friend set up her website she knows so much about them that she can make the experience of horse ownership cheaper, easier and happier for both horse and rider, again she’s another true professional.

I don’t watch television unless I’m at somebody else’s house as I always have other things to do and since moving into my gaff three and a half years ago I still haven’t found the right TV at a price I’m willing to pay to fit the only wall I would want one on. Some time back a new warehouse opened on the opposite side of Manchester. They sent out their classy glossy advertising brochure to all local business people, that couldn’t have been cheap! The exact model I wanted was blazoned across one of the main pages and the price was incredible so they must have discounted it down as a loss leader. I rang up to get some more information; the woman on the phone was so unhelpful and had such a bad attitude that I wouldn’t have bought the TV if it was the last one on the planet. All the expense they went to promoting their new business was wasted by one employee being unprofessional. You simply can’t value a good team behind you, they’re priceless.

This week I’m taking three days at the Edinburgh Fringe and this blog is being written early and schedule posted so it will be interesting to comeback and check that the system works. Next week I’m off to North America with my son, that’d be a nice place to go for a ride maybe I’ll check it out for next year. I’ll try to write a page from the USA but I can’t be certain it will happen. Technology and I aren’t the most compatible of partners, and I might just be having too much fun. I’ll try to be professional though so I’ll see what I can do.

Endeavour to be professional…….happy to help, just ask.

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