Time Out

Where does the time go? It only seems like hours since I was writing my last blog a week ago. What has happened during the last week that has made me completely forget what I have done? It’s all down to being busy; so many things we want to do but never enough hours in the day. Writing books is very time consuming which is just one of the things I’ve been up to. Networking events and webinars have taken up plenty of hours too. Creating anything is always a burden on time on top of all the things we have to do just to stay alive. I’ve also been spending time meditating recently, I think it’s helping me enormously with all the projects I have on-board. I don’t think I’m particularly good at it yet but I want to learn more, do it better and combine it with yoga if I can to help the old bones.

We’ve been having lots of Art festivals in my village recently and a friend of mine is helping to organise them. They really are quite good with many being free. I’ve tried to support as many as I can. You have to appreciate the work behind the scenes that goes into anything like this from booking the venues and artists to printing the brochures and marketing mostly done by volunteers so well done to them all and thank you from me. I’ve been cracking on with more sleep experiments and have tried out a prototype of our new pillow design with very encouraging results. There is still a long way to go but I’ve had better night’s sleep recently than for many years and what a difference it makes – I was even winning a Bridge match last night against some excellent player’s right up until the last minute. Even second place is something for us to be proud of against such strong competition but it shows how much more we can achieve when we sleep well. The study could go on for another month or two before I’m hoping to have the related book and products completed along with the website www.snoreorsleep.com which will hopefully give more people an insight to better sleep so they can improve their waking hours to be happier and achieve more. I’m trying to buy another house at the moment too. Properties are so cheap just now but finance is so hard to get and the cost of borrowing is so expensive it makes life difficult for so many. I have the ability to offer excellent guaranteed rates secured against unencumbered properties of double the loan value for anyone with money to invest. Steer well clear of rip off banks and financial institutions that make money from your money via their charges and then just make excuses when they lose it. I have some great property deals available both here and abroad with some even suitable for purchase with, through and in your pension scheme, if you have anything left that is after the rogues have had their way. Feel free to contact me if you want some tips on where to get the best deals. Today being the 29th is my day of the month. I concentrate on me for a change and look to focus on what I want to achieve. I won’t even listen to the radio today; it makes for a simpler life and gives me the opportunity to concentrate on what’s important to me. Try it for yourself, one day a month and just think about number one for a change. Endeavour to focus…….happy to help…..Lionel.

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