To Reap or to be Rewarded

We were going to fly to Thailand today but changed our plans to Friday. As we booked late I expected to pay a fair amount for the flights but was disgusted by Qatar Airlines when they gave me a price cheaper than another airline, only to then increase the cost substantially when I had agreed to buy them. This sort of poor practice could hang a cloud over the whole holiday as I will be thinking I paid over the odds and will now be consciously watching for every bit of poor service. Many businesses have forgotten how to serve their customers these days, so when I got a glowing testimonial recently telling me I was like a breath of fresh air, it was an encouraging sign in an often thankless pursuit of helping others. The holiday is going to be a great opportunity to put together our future plans to create Luve Manifestation workshops and programmes. It’s something that is needed by so many people that I have no doubt that its success is assured as passion for what we do and for one another makes a massive contribution to people’s lives for which they should be wholly appreciative.  When the debris of the economic recession has been brushed aside only the businesses that serve their public efficiently will still be going strong so learning this lesson early on is paramount.

There are many doctrines we learn in life and if we are wise we don’t make the same mistake again. Einstein said something like stupidity is to keep doing the same things and expecting different results. I’m finding I’m generally doing very different things and to a large degree getting the same results. Does this mean I’m being consumed by society or I’ve not yet found my perfect niche on which to focus? Ultimately both an employer and employee are employed by the people they serve. Find what they want and fulfil their need and you have the recipe for financial success. Bringing a personal service to market is going to need a doubly caring attitude as the quality and spirit of the service which we offer will to a large degree determine the price we can charge. We must be able to provide pleasant conditions in which to efficiently teach, for others to learn and for the cooperative nature of our attendees to complete a pleasurable experience so that they will be our marketing for the future.

Whilst we have no intention to reap massive revenues we must also be valued and rewarded for our effort. To create a consciousness of love, peace, harmony and unity we must try to help those that need it most by doing what we do best. It’s not about the resources we have, it’s about being resourceful enough to get out there and do things differently.

To be different and stand out is often what people want but are too fearful to be. Nothing can be substituted for a pleasing conduct, but within the parameters of relationships there is enormous room for variation. People watching in Glastonbury at the weekend were a joy to behold. A town full of collective individualism is a unique experience every day. Selling personal services, as so many in that area do, is no less a commodity than physical products or merchandise around a particular event or personal following. The least busy stall at Sunday night’s concert was the memorabilia whilst the busiest was coffee. That may indicate a certain age of the audience or the fact that a real business is made without any pressure as the want of the people must be sufficed. There are so many reasons for failure against so few for success but the lack of a well-defined purpose in life must rate highly amongst the major causes of mediocrity. Success comes through the application of energy and from the combination of various people’s efforts to reach the same goal. A negative approach to our aims will not induce others to follow as we need the cooperation of many to bring about a worthwhile change. We also need strong leadership to be able to reach decisions promptly; there is no room for indecision or procrastination when there is much to be done.

To throw ourselves into this venture wholeheartedly we will have to take chances and face risks but so much of life is a gamble, without an element of danger life can be boring and small mindedness is all too common now. There will certainly be no place for egotism or vanity as these will scare off potential clients and would be fatal to its success. We need to know our own personal strengths and weaknesses so that we can use our power to our benefit and bridge or eliminate our lack. A retreat will be an ideal opportunity for self-analysis to ask ourselves where we are going and how we are going to get there. By putting down in writing our thoughts at this critical start-up time we can compare next year’s results to the here and now and gauge our work against our desires to establish how and what we have to change to make our service better for our customers. We want to create the ultimate experience so our rewards are not received with any regret or resentment. We have no intention to get anything without giving far more value than people will expect. A large slice of any income will go directly to our charity to help nurture the inner nature of more people to go out and help more people. When we work with the right commitment and intention we cannot help to get the rewards and freedom to enjoy the benefits we create for others. When we work in harmony and congruent unity we become more than the sum of our individual parts.

Endeavour to be a part of something bigger than yourself

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