Understanding Communication

Communication is a constant problem, not enough of it and people don’t understand what you’re trying to tell them. Too much of it and people stop listening. Getting the right medium is tough too. Which way do you communicate? Should you use letter, phone text, email, fax, any one of them or two of them to be sure or even all of them? Information overload has hit me badly over the last year, I’ve tried to absorb as much as I can take, but some people just want to sell to you and won’t leave you in peace. There seems to be lots of so called investment analysts that only want to sell to you over the phone. I tell them to send me an email and I’ll look at it. They say “we don’t work that way”. Well it seems fairly obvious to me that if they want my custom they better work the way I want them to or it’s not going to happen. Any company that doesn’t pamper to the wants of its customers is likely to be trying a scam so if they call you don’t be afraid of being rude to them. Any sales person worth their salt with a genuine product to sell will do just what you the customer wants to achieve that sale.

New car registrations are out now but I haven’t seen a single one. Somebody must have them, I’m just curious to see the new registration configuration, probably not the slightest bit interesting to your average woman but us blokes like to know those sorts of things. Anyway if you have a new car, congratulations! It’s probably the worst investment you can make but if it makes you happy for a month or two there can’t be anything wrong with it. I’ve finally decided which car I’m going to get next if the Doctors say I can keep my licence. I’ve been on restricted driving for fourteen months now and since having problems with the brakes on my gas guzzler back in July, I’ve not even bothered having it repaired. I’ll sell it on and let someone else have the joys of motoring. I’ve advertised it on Ebay. I’ve tried to be as honest with the wording as possible, describing it to the best of my ability. I’ve given my number requesting any questions by phone but still I get replies by email. Do most people assume that you’re strapped to a computer 24 hours a day now? Maybe for youngsters with their handheld toys but the more mature amongst us are still able to appreciate nature and the simple things in life. I’m communicating with a management company through the courts at the moment. I’ll be glad to see the end of this long running case, its all come about by poor communication – astounding really. Sometimes it’s easier to get through to someone who doesn’t even speak the same language as we take the time to explain and put things more simply whilst using a variety of techniques like hand gestures. There’s a few hand gestures I’d like to make to some people and I’m pretty sure they’d understand them quite easily. I won a big Bridge hand last night with some of the worst play ever seen at the club. Connecting to my Bridge partner is communication through the cards. I should have realised the importance of communication when I was married, but it has to work both ways. Let me know if there is anything you don’t understand, I’m sure I’ll know somebody who does. Endeavour to understand…….happy to help…..Lionel.

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