Valuable Questions

Every so often we have to look at our focus and question our values as to whether what we are doing is right for ourselves, those we work and associate with and the world at large or the greater good if you prefer. So often doing what we think is right can actually be detrimental where others who are less concerned for their fellow man would not even consider doing what we have and would apparently benefit or at least not lose out. Sometimes when we question our decisions we can see that we based our thinking on limited knowledge or we simply asked the wrong questions. When we ask questions of ourselves we can gain knowledge of what we want to achieve and how we are going to go about it rather than expecting the right path to miraculously appear. Looking deeper into my own spirituality recently and seeing just what is important to me as an individual has made me realise that the most important things are not what I have or what I want but the connections with people that bring joy into my life.

By asking ourselves the right questions every day we can appreciate what we have far more and be grateful for each new day, each meal, and each blessing that is bestowed upon us. Few of us in the western world realise that we have so much to be thankful for that they strive ever harder to simply stay still. When it took me an hour to drive across Manchester last evening I got a feeling for the long hours people are away from their loved ones in order to pay bills for things they don’t need simply because the materialistic world has led them to think that it will somehow enhance their life. In reality they would get more joy from asking themselves empowering questions to enable them to help others as well as themselves. Years ago I heard of a series of self-asking questions for morning and night to set us up in the right frame of mind as the day begins and send us to sleep feeling contented by our efforts.

I’ve lost my way over recent years with what the actual questions were, but the essence is always the same if we can just get our mind to think along the right lines. Morning questions should make us understand how we feel about what makes us happy, what excites us, what we are proud of, what we are grateful for, what we enjoy most, what we are committed to and who we love. Evening questions are around what we have achieved, what we have given to others, what we have learnt and how the day has added to our quality of life. This simple series of questions can make the difference between a day of quality progress and a poor value day without any guidelines or appreciation.

Using the right self-questions can keep away the negative thoughts that can so easily bring on the problems that needn’t have occurred at all. Only when we know how to rid ourselves of negativity can we see the positives in everything we try to do. Life is a learning experience and the journey is really more important than the final goal. Everyday should be enjoyed to the full and every experience and understanding valued and appreciated. It can be a lonely life for many business owners even if they have staff to work with as they tend to be isolated in the challenges they set to resolve. The risks are also higher to the owner or directors as responsibility ends with them. Being able to face that pressure of everything effectively relying on their decisions is no easy task. Having to shoulder the burden of all the potential problems can be offset by thinking about the answers to the valuable questions we ask ourselves.

I’m hearing a lot about the new consciousness supposedly sweeping the world and how it is going to change everything for the better. Much as I hope it is true, a look at any newspaper or a couple of minutes of headline news and we can see that the reality has a way to go to catch up with the good thinking behind doing acts of kindness for others to help ourselves feel better. Anyone who lends a helping hand to another should be applauded for their efforts. Often it’s the silent few that make all the difference as they want and expect no recognition for their help and resourcefulness. When you know that every day you have worked towards improving yourself in some way and have helped somebody else in some way you feel contented in your sleep and awake with renewed vigour so that the tribulations of life can fall away into insignificance.

Endeavour to ask yourself some significant questions every day.

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