Watch Out For The Bugs

It’s incredible how the tiniest micro organism can bring down a comparatively mighty machine. I spent three days of last week in London. Firstly there was the Property Investor Show which was bigger than I had expected and I only just managed to have sufficient business cards with me. Maybe I had a different attitude this time or it might have been just because it was simply bigger and better than the Manchester event but I did find a much better selling ethos here than many of the previous events I’ve been to. There were still some stalls however that completely missed the plot and my business, which for sales people seems very wrong to my mind. When I actually go up to a stall, look at it, handle the literature and look at the sales staff without any of them even making eye contact, then there’s something wrong in my book. Last week I took a colleague out for a birthday drink just after two o’clock in the afternoon. We walked into the local hostelry with me fully aware of the fact that I only had a fiver on me and would have to put the cost on my card. Two pints of beer runs around seven to eight quid in this trendy pub. We walked in and there was hardly anybody in the place. Four staff were behind the bar talking away and at least two of them were managers or supervisors. We stood at the bar for at least three minutes whilst they did whatever they were doing. One guy walks towards us and I’m there to order credit card at the ready. Not one glance at me as he walks straight past. I look out through the window and see the other pub across the road. “Come on mate” I says, “we’re not stopping in here” and off we go. Over the road, the pub’s just as quiet and there’s only one girl behind the bar with a sweet Irish accent and a willingness to serve. Not only was that a nice experience but the two beers came to less than a fiver – so I paid in cash and gave her the change and I know where I’ll be going in the future. You really can’t put a price on good service it makes your life simply better. So my other two days were spent with a group of writers, coaches, personal trainers and business people. Generally we were all in the same learning mode listening mainly to the dulcet tones of Peter Thomson the renowned information producer and marketer. Getting his take on things was a truly valuable experience. I’ve arranged to do an interview with him which will take place next month, I’ll have to think up some good questions, as I’m still researching sleep problems it might be slightly orientated that way. We’ll see in the fullness of time, before then I have to interview Daniel Priestley one of the world’s best known social marketers – maybe I should get his take on sleep too, particularly as the internet and social media is probably one area of the world that you can truly say is never at rest. All interviews will eventually be released on our monthly CD audio letter which of course will be available on special offer through the site membership at probably just for the price of the postage and packing initially so look out for that. The only problem with my whole time in the capital this month was me being full of a cold. Some germ so small I couldn’t even see it, had invaded my body without permission leaving me sniffly and weak – there’s nothing more valuable than good health. Endeavour to be healthy…….but always give good service.

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