We Can All Dream

After five days of fanfare, emotional rollercoasters and intensive scribbling we can all see the benefits of being more energetic, more positive and more proactive but can we actually become better people by awakening the giant within? Some people’s giants might be uglier than others. I think perhaps we may need more spiritual practices to open our Soul rather than persuasive ways to make people open their wallets. By spiritual I certainly don’t mean religious and if anything, watching any great inspirational leader has a type of religious indoctrination and a following of people that struggle to make decisions for themselves, no matter how much money they have paid. Surely we need to build our own strength of character first and realise there’s a soft spot of our personality that needs nurturing to make us happy, content and fulfilled with our life purpose. We all need to feel love to become strong, but an awakening meditation and hypnosis session amongst many hundreds of adoring fans might not be as beneficial as reaching a higher vibration through regular practice on our own. Once you have found your own inner spiritual power, to expand your knowledge and protect yourself, from the ravages of great swathes of lost energy, might be the best thing overall rather than opening yourself up for it. We effectively have two powers to control, our character and our spirit, one of which appears to cover our fear whilst the other attempts to open our awareness.


Like Mr Robbins I’m a great advocate of finding the child within, working from our intuitive, instinctive, innocence is the way to find our true life purpose, living with appreciation and gratitude is the only way to find real happiness but there is so much more to suppressing our ego than there is to releasing it to the world at large. How many times do we have to regress the emotional layers of hurt? The materialistic, highly driven power to succeed is not as attractive to me as the deeper conscious understanding of compassion. Whilst meditation creates a deeper spiritual willpower to resist our ego self, unless we are able to see our energy evolve by learning through suffering we are likely to become complacent, and the pleasures and comforts we take for granted are likely to lead to devastating relationships rather than mutual understanding. Until we are able to understand how small our lives are on the scale of the Universe, the possibility of nurturing more love to the whole world, is a vibrational awareness for the favoured few. Awakening should be an eternal joy not a means to an end. Expanding our consciousness should expand our life and change our desires from the materialistic to the altruistic and thereby increase our capacity to love. Our ego self only wants conflict with us not to raise the collective conscious thinking, so how can we protect our love that we want to share? Only by being grateful can we feed the Soul and increase the energy of love.


Here in Palm Springs the American dream isn’t what it used to be. In the days of Napoleon Hill, men were forging the industrial age into the modern way for us Westerners, initiating everything we now take for granted. Today the dream of youth is apparently to have more, to do less and aspire to achieve nothing other than self-gratification. Visioning isn’t just in the domain of the intelligent, loving or desirable; the people with wrong intentions are just as capable of using the influencing factors for bad activities. Until such time as we are all willing to give everything to the power of love, the love of power will overcome everything, so far from being open to the energy of others we need to protect ourselves from them. The only true safety is in death and being ready for it by accepting everything in the here and now with thankful appreciation. Living each day as our last must make it better than the one before as we wouldn’t have had it had we died in reality. We are only here on Earth for a very short time so we should make the most of every moment and believe in the common ‘God’ within all of us. No happiness is lost and if you can pass it to others you have created more for yourself than you have given them. Giving love from your heart to another is like giving food to a starving man.


When we can stay in a meditative state even whilst doing our everyday tasks we can become at one with the spirit of the Earth, the Universe and each other. There is an eternal now which covers tomorrow and protects us in our meditative state. To stay in the same state of mind whatever is going on around you can be a tough call, but if we live with appreciation and just say thank you even for what might appear bad, we become at one with our own God. Planet Earth is certainly the right training ground as it has so many people work with and yet no happiness is ever lost. Like real love can be true for ever, so can happiness last forever, it just takes the right know how. Spiritual leaders shouldn’t get overly excited or depressed; their emotions should be level even though they may suffer frustrations. We all need love but how many of us know how much love we want or how we can love more? The more we love and are loved the more we are able to motivate and be motivated as it’s such a powerful tool to do anything. The more loving we become the more willpower we have to create and achieve as the love energy we attract will help us to tune into the power of the Universe with effortless heartfelt feelings for others. To be motivated by love overcomes all fears for our own safety as we satisfy our Soul.


Endeavour to dream of what can be not what is or is not.

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