What a Feeling

Hey there, how do you feel today? Did you bound out of bed this morning or did you have to drag yourself up? It seems to me that how we wake determines how we feel throughout the day. On those rare occasions that I have been late, it’s as if I try harder and harder and just get later and later as the day goes on. When I’m early as usual, I get things done ahead of time and generally have a more relaxed day. Over the last month particularly, I have been doing a sleep study for one of the new websites I’m creating through palatinewebpartners

There’s now the new www.palasite.com set up so it can be cheap and easy to create your own good looking website very quickly to your own style like www.snoreorsleep.com is going to be. It’ll take a while yet though as there is still lots of background work to do. This tends to be the problem with most sites. The information that is needed to fill the site has to come from somewhere and be entered by someone which is all very time consuming.

Potentially another burden on my time this week is that I have started work with an accounting professional to design a program for landlords to help them manage their properties. We spent the whole day yesterday just setting up the initial formation of how this can work and it appears surprisingly that landlords actually have an awful lot of things to do – maybe that’s why there are so many bad ones or at least their perceived that way. Like a lot more professions they are seen to be underworked and overpaid but the reality can be very different with only the top handful making all the big money and the rest fighting for the scraps.

It’s more than nice to have the warmth of the summer here even if the sun doesn’t shine. I don’t feel like I need an exotic holiday when it’s hot here. I’ll need that much later in the year. When you work for your own business doing the things you like to do, then everyday is a holiday and going away just means a rest and change of focus. To help us win through in our own lives, having our own business must be high on the agenda for many of us if only to give the freedom to enjoy our time to work, rest and play to the best of our ability.

The other day my brakes failed and I was lucky not to crash. With my son in the back it could have been a terrifying experience. A good slice of luck helps us no end but do we appreciate it when it comes or curse those things that go wrong? Another strange feeling will be meeting my mentor who has now been sourced by the development agency I’m hoping for an early initial consultation for us both to find some common ground to enable him to help me become more businesslike. Some people say they like me the way I am but that doesn’t make me much money unfortunately. Only time will tell.

However you’re feeling today, having some clear direction in life will give you something to get you out of bed and stimulate your thinking. You can win on your terms when you’re in control of your destiny. Remember to sign up for the first free chapters of the new book and let me know if it helps you in your search to get more out of life.

Appreciate and be grateful…..feel it with your heart…….Lionel.

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