What a Waste

How much paper do we all go through each week? The days of the paperless office were supposed to be upon us by now and yet there seems to be more of it than ever. Last weeekends bank holiday and Jubilee celebrations created more of than normal and yet as a country we manage to process it quite well and take its management for granted until there’s a problem. Each of us has the ability to cut waste though and if we we conciously look at what we do we can make a difference. A lot of effort that went into arranging celebrations up and down the country was trashed by the good old British weather which was such a shame when so many try so hard often in the name of a good cause too.

Two friends of mine have recently lost substantial amounts of weight and quite rightly they should be proud of themselves. Weight loss is waste in reverse because it was a waste of food putting it on in the first place then they have to suffer to be the way they want to be. There is a definite connection between waste and greed. Many people who make waste are unable to stop themselves from creating that rubbish because their lifestyle and requirements for more continually fuels their mentality to discard things which don’t meet their exacting standards. All we need to do is to lower our wants and we lower the waste we create around those wants.

Prices have shocked me recently and I simply refuse to buy certain items that I considered to be grossly overpriced. I worked out that the item in question cost the retailer less than one seventh of the selling price and I decided there and then that I really didn’t neeed it at all. However when this dilemma is looked at from a different prospective we can see that the shopkeeper is actually expecting to sell less, because the increase in cost will more than make up for the lost sales as few people are as vigilant as me. Not only that but now I’ve seen the hiked up price, next time I see this common item cheaper, I’ll consider it a bargain and possibly buy two. There by doublingly depriving the original shopkeeper.

Now if it happened that next week or next month I went into the same shop and saw the same item on a three for two offer, I suspect my mind would think there is a bargain afoot, whilst in actual fact it was a simple price hike in the first place that made me realise how expensive it was. Some people would just pay the price without a thought, and others may have even seen them more expensive and consider it cheap. Few of us have the time to check prices and simply pay whatever is asked but wasting money is the biggest waste of all as every pound saved is equivalent to three pounds earned.

Endeavour not to waste anything especially money.

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