I wish they would only take me as I am. ~ Vincent Van Gogh.

We all wish for things, sometimes its just a hope and a prayer for things we don’t even need. Often it can be for others to help them achieve or find their way through a challenge. When you have mastered the power of manifestation, you can easily make a wish come true. Giving away what we want most is the difficult scenario to manage. Where relationships are concerned, the need can often outweigh the point, leaving a lot of lonely people. However, without someone to share life with, what is its value?

I was recently blessed to attend a Last Wishes workshop. What surprised me most, was that very few of us actually have our last wishes fulfilled. This is most likely due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of what our loved ones actually think we want. When we grieve, we are vulnerable, and that allows us to be taken advantage of. Financially its a major burden for many, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s a popular subject at the moment with various adverts particularly on the radio and TV.

When we know the alternatives, we can at least choose what appeals to us the most. We are able to write those choices down and leave them for others to follow. This gives a greater sense of our own personality. It also eases the burden on those who need a sense of direction when suffering the pain of loss. The sadness doesn’t go away, but the connection is enhanced. Like all things though, we have to plan before it becomes too late. Fail to face facts and we can potentially leave our offspring in turmoil.

It can be several years before the pain of a lost love eases, if at all. Depending on circumstances, it may be something we never get over, but instead have to come to terms with the feelings within us. Handling pain and the hurt of loss can need far more than a wish. Seeing a bigger picture of cause and effect makes sense. Having someone to talk with can make a major difference. Understanding love from a compassionate, empathetic and forgiving stance can help. http://www.blissland.co.uk

Our relationships with others are determined by our relationship with our self. Once we have developed a clear objective for beliefs, vision and the power of purpose we can overcome sadness. Taking small steps to clear destinations will improve the burden and ease the fears. Parts of us often resist new beginnings. Finding the inner strength to go forward takes time to know the reasons behind our pain. Self understanding is the key to so many of life’s dilemmas. A third party can ease the pain.

We can’t have everything we wish for; however, we can change our lives once we have developed certain skills. Through learning the elements of the body’s energy centres, we can focus on the areas that need comforting or restoring. Let time work for you through the divine grace of life and love, family and friends. We each only have a limited amount of time on Earth to make a difference. You’re only dead when everyone who has any memory of you is dead too. Leave great memories to inspire others.

Your perception creates your perspective and that leads to your level of positivity. What impression and legacy are we each leaving behind? We can perhaps make a difference in death that we didn’t make in life. Through clear communication we can see the hurdles that need to be overcome to ease the sadness of loss. Make a wish to feel better if you’re enduring the pain of a relationship parting however that may have been caused, and please make contact if you need help. We all need it sometimes.

Allow me to guide you to find a new sense of relationship harmony xx.

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