Working With People I Like

One of the main benefits of free thinking is never having to work with people you don’t like. It’s harsh I know as everybody has some beauty in them, but in reality there are some people you would rather not be in close contact with ever, let alone on a daily basis. When you have done enough in life to impress yourself, the chances are you will have done it with people who are thinking along the same lines as you, who have energy similar to yours and who hopefully have the same long term intentions. You can only like people who are like you or like the way you want to be. Regrettably it could never be that way for every person or the world might seem a very different place however, there are times when you can have a harmony of balanced beliefs, thoughts and understandings with those around you. Our personal treasure chest should be full of a better understanding of ourselves. When we have appreciation and gratitude for everything we sense, we can begin to achieve the humility of feeling joyous love and spreading that to our relationships, our family, our community and beyond. Whatever has gone before shouldn’t stop you from creating goals for the future even if you have to contextualize your personal story to date in order to make everything fit your ambitions. When we begin to notice the things that lead us away from our goals we know we can follow our heart to bring us back onto the journey provided we set our compass with the right intention for direction.


When we connect with life we can become healthy and happy, we can become loving and kind and understand that the meaning of life is really to be continually growing. We have to physically, emotionally and spiritually rise above anything that is undesirable to achieve satisfaction, fulfilment and contentment. It is motivation that gives us energy to create and rather than searching for what we want, our positive nature should attract it. None of us should really make any judgement on another, simply being distanced by a personality shouldn’t dismiss the intelligence or spiritual awareness of someone. Though reality is very different we should be gracious to everyone and listen and be attentive to them without making any opinion. It is our own healing that really needs to be dealt with when we criticize others. Much of our fear, misconception and wrong judgment comes from our parents teachings, try to protect us as children and even the issues we have with our partners particularly past partners can have a knock on effect that can affect your entire life. Most things if left unfinished will come back to make more problems later on in life. Whenever there is hurt, we need to examine that emotional problem as soon as possible, and look on it as an outsider to understand why we have been upset.  It’s not what happened or what was said that’s even important, but the feelings we had when the hurt happened. There is no education that can heal your past; you have to do it alone even though there are those that can guide you.


I was recently told that someone’s life was completely changed financially when they had their Soul cleared and today I met a Soul reader. I asked if she could clear my Soul and she replied only if you are ready to tell me more. I don’t even know what I need clearing, I thought she might know, we must all show the same psychological patterns. We all experience life so we each believe that our life is what we have experienced. Essentially we are all lonely inside unless we can entwine our spirit with that of another human being. Everyone you have in your life other than your Soul mate will reinforce your thinking on what and who you are. Yet we are not really who we are to everyone else, or even who we think we are to ourselves. We are the product of our experiences and however we have perceived them. True Soul mates know each other and know that they can feel their love for each other through their own love, appreciation and gratitude for everything around them. Our minds effectively interpret most things as if we are being attacked so we must be able to rise above our own thinking and feel the appreciation and gratitude we want to live by.


Nature has a magnificent effect on our thinking, being out amongst the trees is one of the best ways to bring about more positive thoughts and inhibit your negative thinking. There are people who effectively project out their self-hatred on everyone they meet and whilst we should show benevolence to everyone these people actually trigger our own lower thinking of ourselves. By avoiding the people who project their negativity we make ourselves more desirable to be wanted by the people we do meet. Inability to fulfil our desires can form anger and illness particularly when we use our body to suppress our emotions. When we have sufficient power over our ego to command our body we can achieve more through compassion than we ever can through any other power. Even when we feel grief for the loss of a loved one, by focussing on the purpose of our existence (our goals) and concentrating on our conscious thinking to prioritise those goals, we can bring about an understanding of anything, even why we are here. Most people have some or possibly lots of earthly or material goals. Our time here on Earth is very precious and setting a single life goal which can be continually reinforced with the visual picture built on in our minds, we can communicate that goal into our everyday life. That will increase our confidence even if it means having smaller goals so we never give up on them. Whatever we accomplish we have to celebrate and when we clear our emotional baggage we can look at bigger goals from a point of strength. There is always space to stretch beyond our comfort zone.


Endeavour to build trust in life by learning from our own thinking.

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