Your Heart is Your Core Being

Your heart reflects your eternal features. Emotions ask questions and depending upon our ego get positive or negative answers, neither of which may be correct. Spiritual awakening only comes from our heart and goes hand in hand with awareness of understanding. We cannot ever satisfy our needs with materialism however much money we have. Awakening is about not assuming anything and knowing we can only live for the here and now. What does it mean when we unfold our beliefs? Loneliness calls from our Soul and so we numb our pain with eating, alcohol or drugs. Everyone and every business need to struggle to have a conscious choice to understand and awaken. Only a gift from eternity is never wasted, our true self must become more conscious. To stop any anger and understand integrity, we need to be nice, kind, loving, compassionate people and yet what do we see all around us? The happier we are the more we smile and laugh, we can learn from the contrast of our intention that if we turn off the television and stop reading the newspapers we become more content within our own world. It’s our ego speaking louder than our mind that creates so many of the problems we see. Our goal should be to have some purpose in life that is higher than our ego self or whatever we want to impress others of how powerful we are.


Everything is about energy and energy is in everything. To understand how anything is created we must be able to see the whole picture in a consistent manner. Meditation helps us as part of our personal experience to give us clarity of our desires so we don’t just reflect what the masses are doing. The proof of this would be an understanding of what the masses want so you can provide it and become rich. Few people seem to know what they are praying for and when their dreams are fulfilled it’s never in the way they expected. Our conscious thinking can evolve or devolve so we can choose to improve anything or not. Our intention is always different and it is this that makes the difference. We should forgive those people who always want more, as their own insecurity and lack of thought and self-willpower may have come from their parents, siblings, teachers, friends or enemies so finding a way to clear their thinking could be an impossible task. Love always manifests in freedom, it is a reflection of immortality, having no fear of death because we have already felt our reason for living. We cannot create anything of real value based on fear but if we love our purpose, it is clear to all. The more we are able to expand our love the more we reduce fear, insecurities and worry. We can still have an abundance mentality; in fact we need it to generate the energy around money. We must respect money and thank the Universe for providing it for us. Whilst money is the symbol of life’s needs it must come through us from others to achieve its full potential.


Any guilt or fear we have around losing anything is likely to burden our conscious thoughts and slow down our journey of understanding. Life needs a sense of eternity; love transcends all wealth and everything else practical the world has to offer us. There is an art of living that can make us more enlightened to the energies of things around us. The brighter we are in life the more people want to be around us and the more want to work with us or buy from us etc. Once we have felt true love from our heart we want nothing more, however everything is a struggle without love supporting us so we cannot rise above the limitations we make for ourselves. Our Soul purpose will supersede everything else if we can only find it. Once we reach middle age, we question the values of everything and if we feel our purpose on Earth is unsatisfactory, it is normally the age when we do something dramatic about it. Rather than go through the crisis in some crazy way we should really assimilate our knowledge and expand our own conscious mind to remove negative or dark thinking. It can be incredibly difficult to have a bright enough outlook to reject material wants but dedication to achieving it will bring about far more value.


Unfortunately we let others sap our energy and implant their thought patterns into our brains. Everything we have is made up of energy but nothing is bigger than love and truth. We have to understand the essential information and not underestimate the spectrum of human existence. The power of love is able to counterbalance any evil thoughts, words or deeds. We are unable to tell anyone anything or teach anyone anything unless they are willing to listen and accept, they are unlikely to do either if they do not feel safe and encouraged. We need periods when we can retreat into ourselves to assimilate any understanding. People need to be engaged in the right thinking to create the right result but not attached to the outcome. Many things are an illusion as our perspective is purely that, not necessarily the whole picture. Fear is in all of us and we all need a sense of security but money is only what it represents it is not security itself. Money represents power, privilege and potential.  We only generally see fear when we’re face with some dilemma in life. When we look at how desirable we are as human beings our self-esteem can count for a lot more than our bank balance. Money is the symbol of many things and can help us to achieve our desires but unless those wants are more than for self-gratification of our ego, we will never achieve fulfilment.


Endeavour to see contentment as way to help others fulfil themselves.

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